About The Brand

Born out of a love for watches, and a passion for design, the brand's aim has always been to design watches with careful consideration for form and function over pure aesthetics.

Our goal is to create extraordinary watch designs that stand out on their own merit rather than relying on history or prestige. By creating the watches we wanted to own, but could never find or afford, we aim to create high-quality, affordable watches for ordinary people, just like us.

The Background

Dave Sergeant is the founder and creator behind LPW Watch Co. With more than 5 years’ experience in brand management and marketing, he is the creative force behind the designs and brand direction. His other hobbies include playing and watching ice hockey, playing guitar, and spending time with his wife and dog.

“My obsession with watches began with a gift of a skeleton watch from my wife. I was fascinated with being able to see the beating heart of the balance wheel and knowing that the watch was organically alive.“

“In 2017 I decided to pursue a one-off project to build two of my own watches, one for myself and one for my father. With all the positive feedback I received from friends and online, I decided that I wanted to turn this passion into more than a one-off project, and LPW Watch Co was born - it started off with a simple passion for watches and naturally evolved into something more”